There are a variety of awesome people, organisations, and collectives* out there which are worth checking out. Here are just some of them (all links open in a new window), in the process of being updated:

Organisations/ Services Collectives Performers

Organisations/ Services

  • Monkey Kettle - if it wasn’t for Monkey Kettle, we wouldn’t be here right now - ground-breaking, innovative, lovely poetry, short stories, arts, reviews, and Stuff

  • Poetry Kapow! Calendar - find out what’s on in the south-east of England and the Midlands, spoken word-wise

  • Allographic - my “nebulous poetry concept” (thanks, Tim Clare!) or arts label

  • Hammer & Tongue - the UK’s premier slam organisation, though I say it as a Regional Rep...

  • WriteOutLoud - representing spoken word events in the North of England, with a gig guide spanning the whole of the UK and Ireland - what the Poetry Kapow! Calendar would like to be when it grows up (I'm allowed to say this - the PKC is mine!)

  • Apples & Snakes - the UK’s largest spoken word organisation - a source of funding, advice, and inspiration!

  • Scribal Gathering -

  • Shindig Gigs -

  • Literary Ely -

  • CB1 Poetry - featuring well known and award winning guest poets as well as talented up and coming writers from Cambridge and further afield along with sparkling open mic.

  • Whippersnapper Press - a web-publishing site dedicated to fresh new creative writing. The emphasis is on work that’s short, taught, snappy and bratty, or Writing that’s biting. It can be prose, poetry, flash fiction, scripts, or “other”.

  • Behind The Arras - scroll down to “Spoken Word” to find out more about poetry and spoken word in the Midlands, curated by the wonderful Gary Longden! :)

  • Rhythmical Ravings & Rants (RRRants) - home of The Antipoet, among others, and a great place for spoken word artists (and musicians) to find their footing at one of the inimitable RRRants outings.

  • Headstand - Cambridge’s Premier Poetic Polymath, Patrick Widdess, presents an hour of eclectic music and spoken word on Cambridge 105FM including live guests and material recorded specially for the show.

  • Skinny Kitten Events - ever wonder what makes Strawberry Fair go with such a swing? Who makes some of the best events in Cambridge happen and links so many disparate artists? Go talk to SK - they’ll make your event electric!

  • Neil Plumb Photography -

Organisations/ Services Collectives Performers


  • Walking With Women - a new tour guide to Cambridge city centre, available to purchase from Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge. It focuses on the role women have played in making the city what it is today. Commissioned by Shape East, curated by Hollie McNish, and contributed to by, well, among others, me...

  • Marmalade Panic - an online collective (sometimes seen in real life collaboration in Cambridge) of film, music, art, and spoken word, curated by Wesley Freeman-Smith, this is another one I’m involved in.

Organisations/ Services Collectives Performers


  • Leanne Moden -

  • Danni Antagonist -

  • Mark Niel -

  • Hollie McNish -

  • The Antipoet -

  • Hannah Eiseman-Renyard -

  • Sophia Blackwell -

  • Tim Clare -

  • J.S. Watts -

  • Patick Widdess -

Organisations/ Services Collectives Performers

*Yes, some of the organisations are collectives; some of the organisations are individuals too... this is how it ended up being put together. Any issues, please shout (quietly)...

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