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News will be generally posted here and on the front page, but for convenience (what?), it mostly comes in the form of my Blogger blog, the three most recent entries of which are embedded below:

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Pamphlet Publication

So, yeah - it would appear that, one brain-clouded, migraine-fuelled day in May I only went ahead and assembled, edited, and published my first “proper” poetry pamphlet, Spring - available on Bandcamp. It’s a rather handsome (though I say it myself) A6 pamphlet of about 30 poems, and the physical manifestation is printed throughout on recycled stock. You can also download the e-book from Amazon Kindle.

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Album - Volume II

You can also get hold of my second album of collected performance poems from Bandcamp. Imaginatively entitled “Volume II”, it’s roughly 95% live recordings of me doing my thing in a variety of gigs and venues.

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New Gigs

I’ve got lots of new gigs on the way - at least one a week until Edinburgh when it’ll be at least one gig a day from 3-Aug until 24-Aug. Check out the Calendar for details.

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Last year I was asked to compete in the BBC Poetry Slam as part of the Edinburgh Festival. I didn’t get particularly far but I’ve been asked to be one of the judges on this year’s panel. More details when I have them - it’s all very exciting!

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PBH’s Free Fringe - Artistic Director of Spoken Word

Last year I was asked to take on the role of one of the Artistic Directors for PBH’s Free Fringe for the Edinburgh 2013 Fringe Festival. I have been busy allocating shows to slots and venues and we’ve got ever such an exciting line-up for you!

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