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Afrodita Nikolova, Bohdan Piasecki, Buxton Bookstore Owner, Danni Antagonist, Elaine Ewart, Emma Ormond, Gary Longden, George Lewkowicz, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, Hannah Rodger, Hollie McNish, Ian Barker, Ian McEwen, J.S. Watts, Jammie Sammy, Kat Quatermass, Keely Mills, Kevin Fegan, Leanne Moden, Lionel Welch, Mark Grist, Mark Niel, Matt Cooke, matthew michael taylor, Niall Spooner-Harvey, Nikki Marrone, Noel Hill, Pam Thompson, Patrick Widdess, Paul Eccentric, Richard Frost, Richard Tyrone Jones, Russell J Turner, Russell Thompson, Sabotage Reviews, Shane Koyczan, Sophia Blackwell, Sophia Walker, Stephen Hobbs, Steve Larkin, Tim Clare, Tina Sederholm, Tristram Fane Saunders, Young Dawkins

“We need more poetry like this... funny, confident, modest and a really bloody good poet to listen to.” - Hollie McNish, Former Glastonbury Slam Champion and co-founder of “Page to Performance”

“... her poetry combines lyrical flair with a solid emotional core. In a scene full of copycats and trend-chasers, there is no one quite like her...” - Tim Clare, Founder member of “Aisle16”

“Fay is an accomplished performer with a distinctive style, which complements any line up of spoken word artists. Her gentle and understated delivery commands the hushed attention of the audience, which is justly rewarded with an eloquent and sensitive soliloquy that soaks up the silence and absorbs the senses, usually hitting you in the heart when your guard is down.” - Richard Frost, Town Bard of Stony Stratford, 2013-2014, founder and host of “Scribal Gathering”

“... a cool breath of fresh air on the poetry scene. I could watch her perform for hours... compelling, centred confidence... a true star” - Sophia Blackwell, poet, author, regular host for Apples & Snakes, Festival darling

“... an artist who can incorporate the funny, the emotive and the surreal into a single set... a valued part of the UK scene.” - Russell Thompson, London Programme Co-ordinator, Apples & Snakes

“Her poetry can be personal or political, thoughtful and humorous, but it is always lyrical and innately musical... Quietly spoken, she nevertheless has enormous stage presence and is adept at dealing with lively audiences and hecklers.” - J.S. Watts, Poetry Reviews Editor for Open Wide Magazine, Poetry Editor for Ethereal Tales, widely-published poet and author

“She is dynamic and lyrical with an innate sense of rhythm, and her performances have a depth and soulfulness that is completely impossible to fake.” - Leanne Moden, Fenland Poet Laureate 2013-2014; Founder and writer of “Literary Ely”

“Fay performs her poetry with confidence, passion and an intimate, hypnotic vibe.” - Elaine Ewart, Fenland Poet Laureate 2012-2013

“... a dragonness of a poet who will seduce you with her musicality...” - Tina Sederholm, Co-host of “Hammer & Tongue” Oxford, Shadow Artist at the “Shake The Dust” program 2012

“Fay Roberts... never disappoints and often amazes... She uses words with judgement and economy - a whisper instead of a shout, and always a smile...” - Young Dawkins, Scottish Slam Champion 2011-2012, host/ compere of the BBC Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“... a thoughtful, considered, skillful writer who brings soothing, soft-voiced ‘jazzoetry’ to the stage...” - Steve Larkin, Founder of “Hammer & Tongue”

“[Her] poetry exploits the musicality of language in gentle, lyrical flows, and displays great self-confidence in its use of stillness and quietness...” - Danni Kushner, Town Bard of Stony Stratford, 2012-2013, founder and host of “Poetry Kapow!”

“She writes original, melodic verse, and delivers them through her understated yet powerful performances.” - Bohdan Piasecki, West Midlands Co-ordinator, Apples & Snakes

“Fay Roberts is a poetic orchestra, expanding and testing people’s conceptions of what poetry is and what it can be... [she] has learned one of the hardest skills in poetry - she makes the audience come to her.” - Sophia Walker, winner of the 2012 Poetry Olympics and the Edinburgh International Book Festival Improv Slam 2012

“Fay is a talented performer and host. Her words sit in your mind long after she’s left the stage.” - George Lewkowicz, Creative Director of Tea Fuelled (performing arts collective) and professional storyteller (aka "Superbard")

“... not just a confident, eloquent performer, but a real pillar of the spoken word scene...” - Tristram Fane Saunders, Editor of The Cambridge Student newspaper, 2013-2014; lead artist in poetry-and-music band “Thaddeus and the Firing Squad”.

“... a captivating performer who is able to convey her work in any platform...” - Keely Mills, Co-founder and host of Peterborough’s Speakeasy and former Peterborough Poet Laureate

“A fantastic poet and performer.” - Mark Grist, Co-founder and host of Peterborough’s Speakeasy and former Peterborough Poet Laureate, part of “The Dead Poets” and YouTube phenomenon

“... by turns hilarious, hearfelt, vulnerable, bold, political and mystical...” - Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, Co-founder and Editor of “Whippersnapper Press”; founder and host of “The Vogon Poetry Slam”.

“... one of the most talented and hardworking poets I know... polished, musical, entertaining and memorable.” - Patrick Widdess, Established Cambridge poet and host of poetry & music radio show “Headstand”

“Fay Roberts is a force of... hmmm... what’s a better word than nature? I’m not sure... but I bet Fay Roberts could tell you.” - Shane Koyczan, award-winning Canadian Poet, Author and Performer; official poet of opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

“Her material is a cut above... expertly spoken or sometimes sung, and Fay’s performances are beautifully modulated...” - Ian McEwen, Trustee and former Editor of Magma Poetry, founder and host of “Ouse Muse” poetry night

“[Her] beautiful whispering voice dreamily takes us on journeys... I could listen to her for hours.” - Russell J Turner, Founder and host of “HeadCRASH” poetry night (Norwich), Shadow Artist at the “Shake The Dust” program 2012

“Fay’s poems do not so much follow a path as bound along it with emotional abandon... a captivating spectacle.” - Emma Ormond, Runner-up, Fenland Poet Laureate 2013-2014

“Known to us as ‘The Welsh Whisperer’, Fay Roberts has the ability to bring a room to total silence, her mellifluous tones sending her audience into a dream like trance... cannot recommend her highly enough.” - Paul Eccentric , Co-founder and host of “Rhythmical Ravings & Rants” (RRRants) and speaking part of “The Antipoet”

“... an absolute delight. Her writing is rich, sophisticated, and multi layered... I suspect we shall be hearing more of Fay.” - Gary Longden, Poetry Reviewer, “Behind The Arras” (at Rhymes, May 2011, Birmingham)

“... perfect combination of calming musical tones and engaging heartfelt words. Her quick wit and piercing poems leave the audience both stunned and entertained...” - Nikki Marrone, up-and-coming Cambridge performance poet

“I especially appreciated Fay Roberts’s invigorating performance poetry. She made words melt like an ice lolly, but also spike at the right time.” - Afrodita Nikolova , reviewer for The Cambridge Student Newspaper (at Show And Tell (Twisted Willow Tree Company), January 2013, Cambridge)

“[She was] in her absolute element with a gorgeously sensuous poem to a mermaid lover...” - Sabotage Reviews (at Other Voices: Alternative Spoken Word Cabaret, August 2012, Edinburgh)

“She has the most bewitchingly soft and tender voice. When telling poems she could tell me anything and I would believe it.” - Matt Cooke, Founder of “Under The Music Tree” (event reviews, Cambridge) (at Other Voices Edinburgh Preview, July 2012, Cambridge)

“The gentle visual metaphors of Fay Roberts showed incredible emotional intelligence whilst displaying a quiet charm.” - Hannah Rodger, Reviewer for Fringe Report (at London Festival Fringe, August 2010)

“That made me cry!” - Buxton Bookstore Owner (at On hearing “Song to the Sea” at Buxton Fringe Festival 2011)

“... her imagery and clever word use accompanied by that soft lilting voice just has me captivated and swooning.” - Jammie Sammy, Edinburgh Fringe musician (at RRRants at the Edinburgh Fringe, August 2011)

“... a gentle voice in the middle of the storm, personal/autobiographical and beautiful.” - Kat Quatermass, Professional Storyteller (at RRRants at The Camden Eye, January 2011)

“Fay’s poetry is passionate and evocative, intelligent and witty. Her performance style is intense and powerful, but also engaging in its charm. She is a damn fine poet.” - Kevin Fegan, Poet, Playwright and Director

“... she combined a compelling mix of emotions once more, ranging from excitement, joy, uncertainty and fear in deftly modulated piece. Fay is certainly one to watch on the performance poetry scene.” - Pam Thompson, Producer of ‘Write Way Up’

“... she has developed into an intriguing and accomplished poet and a shrewd, confident live performer. I’m beginning to lose count of the times she’s transfixed audiences at MK poetry nights with her deceptively soft-spoken yet powerfully compelling words... Plus she sings like an angel frosted in icing sugar.” - matthew michael taylor (aka “MMT”), editor of Monkey Kettle magazine

“Fay Roberts... what a brick!” - Stephen Hobbs, fellow performer

“... Fay doesn’t do Stand Up Poetry. Fay does Poetry that stands up! Fay’s words are the good stuff; the nourishing, soul-strengthening shot that warms you on the last train back home; the line you can’t get out of your mind... [She is]: lyrical, moving, bewitching, engaging but the quality I value most is the assured, quiet centre she appears to have when she performs. Softly spoken, she beguiles and draws you in, Fay makes you listen and takes you into her world...” - Mark Niel, Milton Keynes Poet Laureate 2011-present, former host of Tongue in Chic

“Inaccurately described once as “a tsunami of hair” Fay Roberts is in fact more akin to a sunset over a glorious coastline; there’s a profound beauty and depth in her work which brushes across the listener and sinks in to leave its mark... Clever, subtle, unafraid; her performance strides through subjects with a mastery that makes you say “yes”... Treat yourself: See her perform, read her words.” - Ian Barker, award-winning fellow-performer

“... Fay’s varied repertoire of poetry can one moment be wringing your heart strings, as she performs a piece about human relationships, the next, she takes something as mundane as a bacon sandwich and makes you taste its crisp smokiness... As well as being an apparently inexhaustible performer and organiser, Fay does a lot to encourage new and raw performers to get up in front of the mic and do their stuff.” - Lionel Welch, fellow performer

“... We don’t what she’s going to do, but she’s usually hauntingly brilliant!” - Richard Tyrone Jones, ringmaster of Utter! poetry.

“... Fay is a quiet voice in an arena where ranting is often mistaken for talent. It takes a special wordsmith to let softly spoken words do their work and hit the mark as forcefully as a shout. Fay uses inspired images to thoughtfully invoke such emotion you feel you are eavesdropping on a confession such as ‘Cobwebs of muffled rage thicken in the throat’. Fay brings a quiet assurance to the stage and if you have the chance to see her, make sure you take it.” - Noel Hill, reviewing Utter! Sickness, 1-Feb-11.

“...you manage to do the rare thing of performing almost whisperingly quietly while still sounding confident/ in control of your own material...” - Niall Spooner-Harvey, Slam Champion and fellow-performer at Utter! Sickness


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