A white, bearded person with shoulder-length, curly, light brown hair, is standing spotlit on a dark stage behind a microphone on a stand; the mic has a yellow cover over it. The performer has their eyes lightly closed and their eyebrows raised slightly as if in slightly tortured contemplation. Their mouth is open as if they're saying "oh" or "ooh". From behind the basic music stand in front of them you can see one hand raised, palm-upward, as if cupping something. They are wearing a red shirt, black waistcoat, and a teardrop-shaped stone on a black cord around their neck. Their beard is a goatee, close-cropped.
Fay at Katherine O’Driscoll’s book launch, February 2021 © Sam Cavendar

Hello there! My name is Fay Roberts, and I’m a performance poet, storyteller, musician, events host, creative writing and performance tutor, small press publisher, and accidental voice actor. I’m also an enormous nerd and experienced business change/ project manager. This website is set up to tell you about most of these things in a straightforward manner so whether you’re interested in reading or hearing more of my work, or engaging my services, you’ll be able to find what you need easily.

Want to know when I’m next performing, what events I host, or how to hire me to perform, host, write, or lead a workshop (among other things)? This is the right place!

Latest News

At the moment I’m mostly focused on updating this website and putting together the audiobook version of Spectral, my latest poetry collection from Burning Eye.