Project/ Business Management

An infographic showing the words Project Management in blue all-caps in the centre, with arrows leading from it to clockwise from top Planning with a cartoon calendar, Risks with a warning triangle, Control with someone showing something on a screen, teamwork with hands fitting jigsaw pieces together, Cost with cartoon bags of dollars, Communication with speech bubbles, Problem Solving with a cartoon lit lightbulb and cogs, and Goals with a ticked box.
Illustration 106014592 © Edgars Sermulis |

I have been working as a project manager and business change manager for a large education provider since 2013. Being an artist has had, I believe, a positive impact on my management skills, and being a project/ business change manager has had a positive impact on my artistic skills. The ability to plan and allocate resources is as handy as the realisation that I’ve worked in communicating with a large number and very wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds. Techniques learned in both fields have been very beneficial, and I’ve provided explicit project management and business change management skills and tools for a number of artists, while applying creative skills to my time in corporate environments.

And I’m very passionate about managing this crossover, and helping people think a little broader. If you would like to book me to train people in this skill, you can find out more here. Otherwise, if you would like to engage my services as a project/ business change manager for your project, please get in touch – the initial consulation session is free.