Some people I admire have been kind enough to say some embarrassingly nice things about me and my work.

Spectral || Performance Poetry || Voice Acting

Spectral Reviews

Spectral is a beautiful, fiercely personal multimedia experience. Fay crafts poetry with an expert eye for detail and a emotional literacy that few others are able to match. Zir writing is sensual, lyrical and sublime. A truly glorious collection!” – Leanne Moden

It is often hard to pick a favourite poem, or favourite line in a well crafted collection, and with Spectral it is impossible. This collection from Fay Roberts is an iridescent and symphonic work that blends the full range of human emotions and experience into an exquisitely crafted whole. At once innovative and grounded in tradition, Spectral is a raging and respectful piece, that challenges and rewards in equal measure. Above all, Spectral is at its heart a very human book, and it arrives at a time when we all need reminding the value inherent in such humanity. Like its rainbow inspiration Spectral is a promise, and a standard, a flag in the ground, and beacon of hope.” – Rick Dove

A true spectrum of emotions all held in equal tenderness. Roberts shows us where spectrums of light, sexuality, gender, neurodivergence, disability and emotion collide with wisdom as old as nature itself. Spectrum holds space for queer rage, disabled trauma, deep friendship, and everything in between.

“We are guided by a steady hand to the realisation that all emotions and experiences are equally important to acknowledge and that finding your way through them all is just as much about self-compassion as it is finding your community.

“Carefully crafted with an effortless fluency in form, a soothing musicality, and a deft originality in nature-wrought imagery, Spectrum feels like a celebration of the natural world juxtaposed against the tensions of living in it. Part legend, myth, fable, this collection is one of a yearning to understand and soothe the self. It explores all the piques of pleasure and pain – and turns its face to the sky with the ancient understanding that all these things too, shall pass.” – Kathryn O’Driscoll

Few have given more to the poetry community than Fay Roberts – and their first full-length collection is the best gift they’ve given us yet. These are poems the texture of dreams and the colour of emotions. They sing with the voice of the sea and the solace of mountains. Washed softly through with warmth and wit, this collection captures Roberts’s fifteen years of experience on stage and feels great to finally have on page.” – Laurie Eaves

Performance Poetry

“We need more poetry like this… funny, confident, modest and a really bloody good poet to listen to.” – Hollie McNish

“… [zir] poetry combines lyrical flair with a solid emotional core. In a scene full of copycats and trend-chasers, there is no one quite like [zir]…” – Tim Clare

“…Fay’s brave, quietly-defiant, joyous poems are some of the best of what the spoken word world has to offer and prise apart the binaries to release a world of gloriously sensuous, immersive wordery.” – Kate Fox

“A fantastic poet and performer.” – Mark Grist

“Fay Roberts is a force of… hmmm… what’s a better word than nature? I’m not sure… but I bet Fay Roberts could tell you.” – Shane Koyczan

Voice Acting

“Having worked with Fay for many years over multiple projects, as a producer, director and audio editor, I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are a joy to work with; professional, punctual and communicative, consistently producing work of a high standard. Technically, they have a high-quality home recording set up, and artistically they bring a wonderful intelligence and intuition to each role. Fay is an asset to any production, snap them up asap!” – Lowri Davies

“Fay is always an absolute joy to work with. Ze brings skill, energy and professionalism to every role ze play and responds extremely well to direction. I have heard zir do some truly incredible voicework and zir casting has been a blessing for every production where I have had the pleasure of working with zir.” – Jonathan Sims

“Fay is a very talented performer who was a delight to work with on Inexplicables. Ze was always open to direction and was able to bring a wonderful subtlety to the role of Cressida that was all zir own. Zir creativity with line reads and zir ability to get across subtext was invaluable. Ze is experienced with home recording and provides excellent quality audio. I would be very happy to work with Fay again on another audio project and am excited to see what ze does next!” – Maddy Searle

“I have employed Fay many times in the role of voice over artist as ze has always been professional, conscientious and a popular choice with my clients. Ze provides clean, impactful audio to exact specification and is always a pleasure to work with.” – Scott Tyrrell

“Fay Roberts is a seriously talented voice actor, writer and creative. I had the enormous pleasure of working with zir last year on a series for Six to Start called The Graveyard Route, and throughout the process ze were a consummate professional who proactively elevated the project to new creative heights.
“But outside of my work with Fay personally, I’ve been a great fan of zir moving, powerful writing and performance for some time. I think ze knows how to inspire and relate to people in truly radical ways, and I have enormous respect and affection for zir work.” – Ella Watts