Data Management Services

Are you a small organisation that needs more automated data solutions without paying massive software fees? Need to organise your festival line-up, your publicity posts, your book-keeping, your projects, your application or submission system?

Let me work something out for you, using free online tools in ways that you will be able to unpick and improve on in future, if needs be, for no long-term financial cost of software and equipment. I’ve created/ consulted on creating successful application/ submission systems for festival stages (including PBH’s Free Fringe), publications, guest spots for shows, open mic participants, and slam competitors. I’ve made project planning, finance tracking, and publicity/ correspondence automations for individuals and organisations. I can make systems for you that are as simple or complex as you need, for either a one-off fee or a maintenance contract, and I will train people in how to use them properly.

If you would like to book a free consultation session, please get in touch!