Voice Acting

A webcam shot of a white, bearded person with light brown, collar-length, curly hair, smiling with their eyes closed from behind a pop-shielded vocal mic. They are wearing a dark red, plaid shirt, a tear-shaped, dark, stone pendant on a black cord around their neck, and large pair of black headphones with a red trim. Surrounding them are the white walls of a series of duvets, through which light is dimly shining.
Fay is in the Duvet Fort

In March 2017, in a move you could almost consider a favour to a friend, I travelled down to London to record some lines in the voice of a tough, Cardiffian police officer. Little did any of us know that this one-off would turn into a place, first as a recurring character, then in the main cast of cult hit podcast The Magnus Archives, and thereafter an actual career as a voiceover artist and voice actor. I’ve played heroes and villains and some who don’t really fit either. I’ve played mythical creatures (at least four), women, men, and nonbinary characters, ghosts, and the all-too corporeal. I’ve narrated animations, recorded audio descriptions, and provided some interestingly animalistic sounds along with the talking (and occasional singing). See the list of productions here.

It took a solid couple of years to twig, but I now definitely consider myself a professional voice artist, and I’m always looking to expand my repertoire!

If you would like to book me, you’ll be getting a reliable, hard-working performer with a large stack of accents up their sleeve and a decent (very DIY) studio setup. Check out some samples here, my rates here, and some testimonials here.