Workshop: “Project Planning for Creatives”

You have some amazing ideas, and there’s even the possibility of cash to help pull it off, but you’re daunted by how to plan and execute the stuff you want to do.

Whether it’s a book; a show; an anthology; a tour; an interactive, online poetry adventure; a festival; or something even more (or less) ambitious, you could definitely benefit from some simple project planning techniques that will help you lay out your plans, prioritise your requirements, and actually deliver on time and within budget – whether as an individual or as a team, and whether you’re doing this with funding or all for love and “exposure”.

Fay Roberts is a multi-disciplinary artist, experienced teacher, and veteran event host and small press publisher. Ze is also, by day, a project manager and business change manager (working for a large educational organisation since 2013, and also freelance), and is a firm believer that it’s possible to be creative and be organised.

Please get in touch if you would like to book this workshop for your group.