Workshop: “Speaking Up” – Presentation Skills

“Speaking Up” – a performance workshop for public speakers, teachers, and presenters

How do you present your best self when speaking in public? How do you quash nerves and raise your confidence (and that of your audience)? What do you do with your hands? How do you stand (or sit)? What do you say between set pieces? How do you strike the balance between scripted and improvised? How much silence is too much, and how do you get on more friendly terms with the microphone?

Fay Roberts has been performing since the age of 3, but only started doing spoken word nearly 30 years later. Since then ze has been talking it up on many stages, performed in some truly daunting (and some downright peculiar) venues, and learned how to get over (or around) stage fright. Ze has learned that everyone has different techniques for presenting their best self on stage, and this workshop is designed to provide both a general and specific toolkit for public speakers.

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